Mondays 7:00 - 8:00 pm

April 9th - april 30th 

Foundations Program

4 week kickstart to a healthier you 

This program will give you a solid foundation to a yoga practice as well as a healthy lifestyle. Get ready to break down the yoga practice pose by pose in a fun, easy and accessible way. You will receive weekly emails (with yoga tips, as well as healthy recipes to help fuel your practice) AND have access to your personal yoga teacher for the duration of the series. Your personal teacher will mentor, coach and guide you to your highest and healthiest self.
GREAT FOR: beginners and those wanting to take a closer look at the foundation of the practice.

Private and group options available.

$49 for program / $85 for couples

 june 22  - june 24 2018  Friday, 6:00 - 9:00 pm  Saturday, 10:15 am - 5:00 pm  Sunday, Studio Class of Your Choice

june 22  - june 24 2018

Friday, 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Saturday, 10:15 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday, Studio Class of Your Choice

$125 for Non Members
$100 for AM Member

Summer Solstice Immersion

A Weekend of C.A.L.M. Community, Asana, Lifestyle and Meditation

This is an in-studio immersion, designed to reset, re-ground, and refocus. The perfect balance to a life lived on the go. A perfect way to honor the Spring Season.

This immersion will offer asana practices as well as expand into the studies and practices of pranayama (breathing techniques) and mudras, meditation, and knowledge complimented with a nourishing plant based diet.

This immersion will empower your connection to yourself and raise your energy levels to leave you feeling refreshed, clear, and connected to live your best life.

  • Nourishing snacks and refreshments provided Friday evening

  • Lunch Provided Saturday afternoon. Snack at end of day to take home.

  • Meal plan for Sunday

No previous yoga experience required. This immersion is accessible for all levels.

365 days of yoga.

This is how you start a daily practice, by committing to one year of daily practice. Through podcasts, a private Facebook community, monthly community celebrations, and daily inspiration, we are here to support you in every way possible.

Without a doubt, this single commitment will serve you in every way imaginable.

Ready to learn more? 

My daily practice reinforced that I am my own foundation and I better take damn good care of it if I want it to work for me. Thank you for the accountability, the encouragement and the inspiration to make my highest self my priority every day.


go deeper with your practice

Our monthly labs are 2 hour workshops and a great opportunity to go deeper – whether it's working
on that pose you've been curious about, developing a home practice, or learning meditation.


one-on-one – just you, just us

We come to you, or you come to us. Either way, we’ll help you take your practice to new
heights. Whether you are looking to get into great shape or simply stretch and relax,
our individualized training will help you achieve beyond your wildest dreams.


Small or Large Group. 

Have friends and family that want to join you? The more the merrier. Events. 
Get your yoga on with your co-workers at lunch, bachelorette parties, Girls/Guys night outs,
before wedding relaxation, birthday parties, school events, Christmas parties, professional development,
something to do on a Friday night... you name it, we’ll be there. Community at its finest.



Regular Vinyasa - Coteacher for entire class

Personal Class - Teacher and coteacher in private room